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How To Stop Your Puppy From Crying Or Whining

Are you worried about your Puppy Crying at night or whining behaviour? Hello pet parents bringing home a new Puppy means getting excited and playtime all day long.But when you have a Puppy who starts Crying,Barking,Whining or Howling at your Nap Time and wanted to have more fun can be a problem to many Pet Parents.So here is a few tips and ideas from DogsMart which you can follow  to stop your puppy from this behaviour and have a peacefull and calm sleep.

1.Start giving them their own space 

Give your Puppy their own good time out that is by giving your puppy their own time alone not just at the bed time.Try putting them into their own space like putting them in a Dog crate or cage and give them their fun chew treats along with their Dog Toy.Being alone is a good thing ,whether its day or night the only thing you need to focus is that dont ever forget to give your Puppy something that smells like you such as your T-shirt or even your blanket.The familiar scent will help soothe your pup and give her something that he can cuddle upon as he goes into sleep.

2.Give them the Attention they want

Dont make it a big deal as hearing your Puppy Crying at night can be tough but start thinking differently because if you want to make any difference then you as a Pet Parent need to be different.whenever you hear your Puppy Whining or Howling just go to them try to give a hug or cuddle your Puppy,play with them and at the end give them a treat which they deserve which will teach them this behaviour will give them a reward and that will surely be the opposite of what you want that is by trying to make your Puppy understand that staying calm and quiet may give him what he wants and that a very good foundation to start right from day 1

3.Take note or keep tracking your Dog progress

When your dog is barking orcrying a minute can fell like 10 minutes so its always better to take a stopwatch as that way you can track how long your Puppy take to actually quiet it down.keep tracking can help you know your puppy's progress your dog.once your dog is queit after 10 or 15 minutes of whining or however long it take just take a note of time it takes to stop Puppy crying and see the progress regularly .After a week or two you are surely going to see or notice a minimal decline in time because its not like Puppy Whining  behavior goes off all of a sudden it surely takes time.So being Patient here is the key to success. 

4.Try to understand their Behaviour

There are many different kinds of behavior your puppy might show you just try to understand what your puppy is felling and what he actually wants .If your puppy seems extremely stress out that could  mean that they don’t like the dog treats or they might not like being away from you in some other room or crate or sometime it may be that they are not liking the puppy toy.So  if this is the scenario than try to keep the puppy in your room or keep it near your bed so that your puppy might fell more comfortable rather than staying alone.Try to make them understand that night time is for napping .


Stoping your Puppy Crying at night or Whining may not be a very quick process so Pet Parents need to be prepared to be very patient and tolerant as you go through this period of time .But don’t worry it all gonna be worth it and your Puppy Whinning is surely going to be stopped.