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How Reflective Collar Can Help Stray Dogs From Road Accidents

India has the world's highest inhabitants of stray dogs with a predicted 30 million canines roaming the streets. Along with dogs, drivers also need to worry about hitting free-roaming cows on the commutes. Nowadays, reflective collar for stray dogs has gained importance as an easy and effective way to save lives of numerous dogs and two-wheeler riders.

Within metropolis cities like Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi, run away dogs are at risk of getting hit by traffic, specifically in night time. They either pass away from the accident or sustain serious injuries on their vertebral cord and have to acquire the rest of their lives like that. But, with the use of reflecting collar, this problem can be solved. This is designed to provide safety to street animals night time.

A study report mentioned that about one thousand or even more community canines fall victim to road accidents each year and despite the given treatment, most never recuperate. The reflective dog collars are required to reduce animal injury rates by more than 85%. These collars work just like the reflective signs of the streets. Whenever a headlight of the vehicle is released on these, the light reflects back to the driver causing them to slow their vehicles which in turn may prevent accidents. These peculiar reflective collars on dogs not merely defends those animals, but it also saves drivers from accidents. These types of collars can also be used for animal’s security and identification.

Different types of Reflective Collars

Presently there are two types of reflective collars. The most common one is made from ‘Fabric Reflective Tape’, a special fabric that reflects light itself which is then stitched onto a nylon cloth. The 2nd kind is made of ‘Heat Reflecting Tape’, in which a reflective strip is pasted on the collar through the ‘heating’ method.

The former type of collars has much endurance resulting more longevity. In this variant, the strip of synthetic webbing (a kind of fabric) is used, and a ‘fabric reflective tape’ is stitched onto the nylon webbing. The particular collar has a heavy-duty plastic belt buckle and a plastic material adjustor to adjust it into different sizes. Comparatively, the later ones are more prone to die away over time.

What differentiate a Reflective Collar from a normal collar for a dog?

A reflective collar is similar to a typical scruff of the neck except that the reflective collar has a reflective strapping on it, which reflects shine when light is directed at it. Hence it is very useful for stray dogs or cows as it helps in stopping accidents. In the night time, drivers are unable to see the pups on roads to dim avenue lighting. But use of reflective collars alerts the drivers to watch them while travelling because of the light’s reflection, lessening the likelihood of accidents at night.

The reflective strip used catches – car headlights, streetlights, or any other such lighting. These collars for stray dogs are exquisite for night works or evening outings. Dogs will also have add on protection if they sprint away due to thunder lightning or any other scary incidents. It helps in retrieving them because they will be easier to spot when searched.

These can be used in blend with the primary colours already popular on dog collars to take full advantage of your dog’s awareness and safeguard their overall safety. Applying a reflective scruff of the neck will help your pup avoid a dangerous car accident and could mean the difference between an agonizing accident and one lucky dog.

Other safety benefits of reflective dog collars

It hurts when you see numerous pups are killed/paralyzed thanks to accidents. In addition to helping to protect your community pups from accidents, a collar also implies that dogs are being maintained and these dogs are rarely lost. Adding an IDENTITY tag or a contact number to the reflective scruff of the neck would be useful if the dog accidentally wandered away from their terrain. Loud noises make dogs very troubled; this is why celebrations involving firecrackers often bring about several lost pets and community dogs. They will run around in anxiety, often out of their homes and territories. Reflective dog collars with name plates can take your contact information so rescuers can bring your community dogs back.


It is vital to get the stray dog with a reflective collar. But the process doesn’t just finish there. Over time, the collar can get torn, become loose or tight, or even be stolen. If a young dog is collared, then the collar must be adjusted as dog matures. Regular checking  and making adjustments are the important factors required to ensure continued security and comfort for the dogs.

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